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Welcome to the world of Butcher & Baker. We design and produce gear that is rooted in the culinary underbelly - a life that exists behind the scenes of restaurants and bars. We serve a culture that only those that work the line, the pass, the floor and the rail will ever truly understand. We design for the people that inhabit this crazy, screwed-up, passionate life of cooking and tending bar - the guys and girls that sweat it out in restaurants creating mind-blowing experiences for scores of people, only to settle at the end of a 14-hour shift for a second-rate meal, a smoke, a drink, and the camaraderie of a brigade of friends all with the same desires. These are the people we build our aprons, tools, streetwear, and chef coats for. We focus on technique, sourcing the right materials, and designing gear that makes sense for those that have long been overlooked. We started this company because we were tired of being ignored when it comes to our style and what we want to wear. We deserved better gear. So we made it.....better.

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