Who We Are

In 2006, while working in kitchens, I was continuously frustrated with the lack of quality gear for chefs and cooks. Finding uniforms that fit and functioned properly was a challenge, and any new designs on the market consisted of tacky prints and not much else. In 2012 I created our first apron - putting real thought into its design and construction, along the way creating some of the ideas you see widely used today, including the Bull Ring Side Towel Holder, The Crossback Apron, Gusseted Arm Chef Coats, The Pig Merchant Apron, Waxed Canvas & Leather Knife Rolls, Food-centric Streetwear, and the ability to design your own apron. We introduced super high-quality denim and military grade thread for incredible durability, and welded-metal hardware instead of plastic, and the list of innovations goes on and on. 
Everything we made was to address a specific issue that cooks and chefs have struggled with for years. Today, we are still a small crew building all of our products in Philadelphia. We take the time to hand-print all of our clothing, hand-dye all of our apron straps, and stain all of our own leather - to order. We focus on what we like to call "ingredients and technique". We take our time, and we charge a fair price for our efforts because we know that quality and craftsmanship shouldn't cost a fortune, especially for the dedicated people of the food world - our family.

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